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Quick Start

Let's get started with your Copilotly AI with 3 fast and easy steps.

Step 1: Installation

Get started by installing the Copilotly extension for Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Opera and Edge browsers.

Supported Browsers

Step 2: Setup Your Copilotly Account

Once you have installed the Copilotly extension, you will be prompted to create a Copilotly account. You can also create an account by visiting

Step 3: Start Using Copilotly

Once you have created your Copilotly account, you are ready to start using Copilotly. You can start by visiting the User Guide to learn more about Copilotly.

To get started

(1) Highlight text on any website, an icon would appear on top of the selected text.

(2) Click on the icon to open a widget, where your highlighted text would be present in a text box.

(3) Select the category (general, email, blog, manipulate) and the copilot of your choice to generate.